29 - 31 January, 2019
Novotel London West, London, United Kingdom

Maria Marino

VP, Customer Experience


Collaboration amongst your employees, and between departments, is the single biggest enabler of customer satisfaction, or dis-satisfaction. A lack of effective collaboration is easily visible to the customer. It shows up in the transaction itself, in our customer surveys and in our internal NPS surveys. If you have a customer experience deficit, the “internal,” or employee, NPS survey is the easiest way to get to the heart of the issue.
We will look at the first right steps to get all employees rowing in the same direction, empowered by the same ideal journey vision, before you tackle the discrete customer issues:
·         Shared business objectives
·         Shared performance measures
·         Enabling the greater view of the business performance

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Maria.

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