30th January - 2nd February, 2018
London, United Kingdom

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CEM in Telecoms Global Summit Agenda 2018

As the speaker line-up for The CEM in Telecoms Global Summit grows, we are taking this opportunity to share a snapshot of those companies who will share tangible, innovative case studies on how you can maintain pace with disruptive competitors amidst advancements in technology, data management and social media.All speakers will deliver case... Read More


Insights on Social media, Omni-Channel, Voice of the Customer and more with Ooredoo's Director of Customer Experience

In this exclusive interview, Director of Customer Experience at Ooredoo, Radu Ciocan, provides insights into the key developments within the digitalisation of customer experience in telecoms and provides solutions for the some of the challenges operators face in this evolving... Read More

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Customer Experience Management: Case Studies from across the Globe

This CEM in Telecoms Global Review focuses on region specific case studies that look at the ways the industry can build a customer-centric company culture, action VOC, enhance their digital transformation and break down silos in order to secure long term retention and increase customer lifetime value. With insight from Vodafone Germany, ETB, Tigo... Read More

CEM Professionals Reveal The Solutions That Worked In 2016!

In this interactive report, 4 Heads of Customer Experience provide their insight into the challenges they faced in 2016 and the solutions which worked to provide customer experience success! Download this exclusive report to hear from CX professionals from O2, Three, Zain and Telia and gain insight into the solutions they’ve implemented to... Read More

10 Cornerstones of Customer Experience Management

Telecoms IQ, in conjunction with a global panel of telecoms customer experience experts, have identified the 10 cornerstones of delivering an excellent customer experience.Read on to discover how these 10 cornerstones, if implemented correctly, can help you achieve a 360° view of each of your customers and deliver the personalised and relevant... Read More

VP of Cable & Wireless Communications on implementing a successful customer experience strategy!

CX Exchange spoke to Will Gibson, VP of Cable & Wireless Communications to discover top tips for implementing a successful customer experience strategy in telecoms and staying ahead of competitors. In this video, Will discusses: - In what ways have Cable & Wireless Communications ensured their customer experience strategy is efficient -... Read More

The Seven Deadly Customer Experience Management Sins

Telecoms IQ recently set out to identify the sins telecoms operators are currently committing. Whilst different geographic regions tend to have slightly different priorities, the universal truth is that any operator looking to deliver the seamless omni-channel experience that modern customers demand, must truly understand the wants and needs of... Read More


CEM Report: Industry leaders from across the globe provide their insights!

In this exclusive report, CEM professionals in Telecoms from the Middle East, Europe and South Africa provide their key insights into providing customer experience excellence in the fast-past and constantly evolving industry.  This eBook features interviews with Ideshini Naidoo, on the CEM strategies the Telecoms industry can learn from the... Read More

Insights, Analytics,and Customer Retention

Ahead of the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit 2017, CX Network interviewed Liberty Global, Jersey Telecom, Ooredoo and TELUS to gather their insights and provide you with their key solutions and secrets to delivering a successful customer experience. • Liberty Global reveals the secret to successfully aligning customer experience across 14... Read More

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Attendee List 2017

Take a sneak peek at our 2017 attendee list and discover who you will be meeting at Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit 2017 in London. Download... Read More

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CEM in Telecoms Global 2016 Post Show Report

Take a look at what happened at World's only Customer Experience Management event dedicated to the Telecom's industry... Read More


SQM/Service Operation Center (SOC)Moving Towards Operational Excellence: Mohammed Alqahtani

Download Mohammed Alqahtani's Presentation on Moving Towards Operational Excellence at the Customer Experience Management Event... Read More

The Telekom Customer Experience Journey: Ella Engelbrecht

Download Ella Engelbrecht's Presentation about The Telekom Customer Experience Journey from the Customer Experience Management Event... Read More


Building Your Service Culture

In this interview, we speak to Jeff Eilertsen, VP Client Success and Global Service Education at UP! Your Service, to talk about how companies can build an optimized service that increases efficiency. Read below to discover his... Read More

How to achieve customer experience excellence - Insights from the CEM Directors of Hrvatski Telekom & Tele2

As the 60 speaker line-up for CEM Global Telecoms Week grows, we are taking this opportunity to share a snapshot of those companies who will share tangible, innovative case studies on how you can maintain pace with disruptive competitors amidst advancements in technology, data management and social... Read More

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Business Development Pack 2017

Download our business development pack to see what who will you meet, what industries will be represented and where are they looking to invest in... Read More



The Rise of Self-Service in the Telecoms Industry

By 2020 the customer will manage 85% of the relationship without ever having to interact with a human. Now is the time for telecom companies to deploy web self-service, to be pioneers in self service and appeal to the mass market who are demanding more from technology. This article looks at the benefits of self-service, the common obstacles and... Read More

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The Operator Landscape in 2016

In this infographic, CEM Global outline the ways in which the operator landscape has shifted in the past year to put Customer Experience Management at the center of investment initiatives for Telecommunications companies across the globe! Download the complimentary infographic now to find out how much Vodafone, Orange and Telstra have invested... Read More