29 - 31 January, 2019
London, UK

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Series

CEM in Telecoms: European Summit is part of Telecoms IQ’s highly reputed global series of events.

If you are not sure which event will be of most value to you, let us help you choose …

CEM in Telecoms: North American Summit

22 – 24 October 2013; Atlanta, USA

If you are looking for a dedicated platform to learn from, and network with, carriers from North America, Canada and the Caribbean, this is the event for you.  Find out how to overcome the “silo mentality” and discover ways to increase cross-functional collaboration.

Top 3 issues to be addressed:
- How to identify the most effective communication channel for your customers
- How to become more proactive in your approach to the customer experience
- How to leverage big data to gain actionable customer insights

CEM in Telecoms: Global Summit

27 – 30 January 2014; London, UK

If you want to learn from CEM case studies at all stages of the customer experience journey, this is the event for you.  With case studies and delegate representation from across the globe, you can benchmark your strategies against those in developing markets all the way through to mature markets.

Top 3 issues to be addressed:
- How to measure the ROI of CEM and secure on-going senior management buy-in
- How to improve the employee experience and break down departmental silos
- How to leverage CEM metrics to generate actionable customer insights and CE improvements

CEM in Telecoms: Latin American Summit

6 – 8 May 2014; Rio, Brazil

If CEM is a relatively new concept, and you need to develop a business case to win senior management buy-in and investment, this is the event for you.  Find out how to move from a business-centric culture to a customer-centric one, improving the network experience and supporting increasingly complex customer issues relating to smartphone usage.

Top 3 issues to be addressed:
- How to define CEM and establish a business case to secure senior management buy-in and investment
- How to improve the customer experience over the network with limited investment
- How to deepen your understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences